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Hello, welcome, and thank you for your interest!!I’ll keep it brief. 


Music is a language, and I want you to play the guitar as naturally as you speak your native tongue. I know this is possible because this is exactly how I play the guitar!!When I play the guitar I don't notice that there is a guitar in my hand any more than I am aware of my tongue when I’m having a conversation.


Lessons with me are song based. Every song, no matter how simple or complex, has something to teach anyone - no matter how experienced or inexperienced he or she is on the guitar. I have been playing and teaching full time for two decades, yet I continue to learn a new Earth shattering - to me, anyway - music 'thing' every single week! This never ceases to boggle my mind. The fretboard is like a chess board - nearly endless combinations.


Strumming patterns, plucking patterns, scales, theory, fretboard navigation, chord construction... All of those things are what we are abbreviating when we say "how to play the guitar", and all of those things are enmeshed in every song you love. When we follow our enthusiasm, we learn more quickly, deeply, and effortlessly. It's my job to tease out the lessons in the songs that you love that are pertinent to you in order to deepen your understanding of the guitar and of music.


If that sounds exciting to you, I’d love to show you the ropes! Here’s how it works:


- 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons are $40, $55, $70 USD respectively. 


- I prefer the intention of a regular schedule - weekly or bi-weekly - but I’m very flexible to reschedule or cancel when things come up on your end, as they most certainly will on mine.


- Over Zoom.!Very important: in your Zoom audio settings, find the section for ‘Zoom background noise removal’ and select “low” (otherwise Zoom treats your guitar as background noise and doesn’t let me hear it)


That's it!!If you’d like to try just one lesson to see if it’s a good fit, shoot me an email and let's compare calendars!!


Thanks for hanging out on the Toob...


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