Lessons are a good time. And you know what they say, never say no to a good time.


Everyone learns differently. Hence, I've always found curriculums to be a lazy attempt at trying to make everyone learn the same way.


My favorite thing about teaching is figuring out what kind of learner a student is, and communicating to each person's unique style.  In fact, over the last 10 years I've taught over 30,000 face to face lessons (actually), not a single one the same as another. Give me a lesson and a half. I'll have your learning style figured out.

My favorite thing about teaching over video chat (other than getting to meet all kinds of great folks all over the world) is my greatly reduced overhead cost, which means there should be no pressure felt on your end to have a lesson every week. Whenever works works. Whenever it strikes you. It's all good, and neither of us even have to get out of our jammies! I often find myself forgetting that the student is on video and not in the room, that's how I know we've gotten into a good flow.


I've taught blind folks, children with unique abilities, adult children with "no musical talent whatsoever", and plenty of kids who would much prefer to run around my studio like rabid squirrels looking for candy. There isn't a single situation I haven't encountered. I'm sure you're a piece of cake ;)

Skype, Zoom, Facetime... whatever works works. I'll get in touch after you book your lesson and we will figure out how to get in video touch with each other.

Most importantly... We'll learn whatever you want to learn, do whatever you want to do, and go wherever you want to go. I don't care how good or bad you are at the guitar, only that you want to learn something. If you've read this far, you probably do. So, awesome!

I hope to see you soon :)