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I'm very fond of that thought... that when you receive money, it's not taking. It's the natural result of having helped somebody with something. In other words, exchanging value for value. Ok so here's my sales pitch: there will never be a sales pitch. Many other youtube guys (guitar, fitness, golf, what have you...) use their youtube channel to tempt you into paying for their premium content on their website.  I don't have an issue with this model. Heck, I have even been enticed a few times myself and have been very pleased with the information I received. But there are a few reasons why I don't want to run my channel this way:


1) Time and effort organizing and creating a platform to keep track of all this (not to mention convince you to buy it) would undoubtedly detract from the energy and attention I'd much rather spend on learning songs and teaching them to you.


2) Nothing makes me happier than to know that at any given moment, I'm helping tens (or even fifteens!) of people to learn some of their favorite songs. I love sharing the joy of playing the guitar, and I don't have any interest in excluding folks who cannot afford to contribute to this effort.


I want to create my channel such that every single video IS (to the extent that one believes this term applies) the premium content, and that it is 100% free for anyone and everyone. For anyone who would like to contribute to this grand effort of ours, you can do so on my (dramatic music is heard) Patreon Page. If you choose to do so, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are making this channel possible for years to come, and, in a way, sharing it with others.


Actually, you're making a lot of things possible. Here are my crazy plans for the future. (link to page with crazy plans for the future)


Why is $1/month the only level on my Patreon page, you ask? 


Because of what Tony Robbins said :) And because I'd like to keep my channel democratic, completely devoid of the feeling that I owe anyone anything more than I owe anyone else. Which, by the way, is everything, because I wouldn't have the privilege of doing any of this without the very important ingredient that is you.


One last thing: I'd like to make it very clear that this plea does not apply to anyone who's monthly budget would be even remotely strained by one dollar. That might sound silly to some and less silly to others... I have certainly experienced periods of my life when every single dollar counted. For those of you in this position, please continue to enjoy the videos for free. We're all thrilled you're at the party with us.


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